Pediatric Nurse Salary

What Determines the Salary of a Pediatric Nurse?

One of the most stable sub segments of the general nursing profession is by far pediatric nursing. When you decide that you want to pursue this highly specialized type of nursing, you will experience a higher than average salary, job growth, and opportunities for advancement. Working as a pediatric nurse means that you work with children of all ages, typically in a hospital setting. If you enjoy working with children and plan on beginning a career in the medical field, pediatric nursing is a field you should strongly consider.

Before going into a detailed breakdown of the type of salary you can expect to be making as a pediatric nurse, you should understand the requirements and education needed before you can start off in this highly competitive industry. All pediatric nurses must attend an accredited four year institution and receive their nursing degree, with a focus on pediatric care. Nursing school is rigorous and challenging, but it will prepare you well for working in the faced-paced pediatric nursing profession.

Your goal should be to get into the best nursing school that you can since education can influence your starting salary as a pediatric nurse. Nursing school is also very expensive, so you want to factor these high costs in when you are preparing for your pediatric nursing career after college. You may have a really great starting salary, but paying back high student loan debt will cut in to your take home pay significantly for at least a couple of years. This shouldn’t deter you from pursuing a career as a pediatric nurse, but it is something that you should be aware of.

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The amount of job stability you will enjoy as a pediatric nurse is very high since working with children is a very specialized occupation. While the demand for all nurses is high, hospitals and other medical institutions are constantly in need of nurses who have a specialty degree, like pediatric nursing. As you continue to grow in the pediatric nursing field, you will want to explore additional certifications available in your industry that will make you more attractive to future employers. Like many other professions in the medical industry, your education as a pediatric nurse never really stops.

Now that you know a little bit about the education required and the career stability of a pediatric nurse, it is time to look at all the contributing factors that can determine what your salary will be as a highly trained and qualified pediatric nurse. Below, you will find a list of important factors, like location, job setting, and education level that can significantly impact how much you will make as a pediatric nurse.

Location matters.


Cost of living plays a big role is determining a yearly salary for a pediatric nurse. For example, a nurse working in California, where the cost of living is very high, will earn a lot more than a pediatric nurse working in Florida, where the cost of living is on the lower end of the scale. The top pay scale for pediatric nurses working in these states, respectively, is $117,000 and $67,000. As you can see, where you choose to work can make a major difference in your annual salary. Since you will most likely remain in the area where you attend nursing school, it will be crucial to select a school in the region where you think you want to start your career. Here is a sampling of states throughout the US and the average salaries earned by pediatric nurses:

California: $35/375 – $66,129

Florida: $47,932 – $78,611

Georgia: $40,000 – $77,500

Texas: $34,392 – $72,529

Pediatric nurse salary by state

Pediatric nurse salary by state or province [Source: Payscale. Inc]


A degree of difference.

Nursing school is hard, like we have already mentioned, but if you can tough it out for a couple more years and earn your Masters degree in pediatric nursing, you will notice a big difference in your salary amount. Medical institutions value employees who have shown dedication to the pediatric nursing field by pursuing an advanced degree. You can earn this degree immediately after your undergraduate study to secure a higher starting salary or you can go back to school after you have been working as a pediatric nurse for a few years in order to seek a higher salary through a promotion.

The more specialized you are, the more you earn.

The pediatric nursing profession has many different levels of specialty care that you can pursue. You can be an ER nurse, and ICU or NICU nurse, a labor and delivery nurse. All of these specialties come with very different salary levels since they all require a different amount of knowledge and skill. Here is a breakdown of salary amounts by pediatric nursing specialty:

Emergency Room (ER): $23,500 – $59,700

Intensive Care Unit (ICU): $36,400 – $61,900

Labor & Delivery, Birthing: $24,100 – $99,300

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: $31,600 – $70,900

Nursery: $19,329 – $99,300

Pediatrics: $24,613 – $75,500

Hospital or Private Practice for a Pediatric Nurse?


Working in a hospital will pretty much guarantee that your salary as a pediatric nurse will fall in the higher tier as opposed to working for a private medical institution. Hospitals, especially well known ones, are known for paying higher salaries throughout the entire medical profession, and pediatric nursing is no exception to this rule.  Here is the salary breakdown for a pediatric nurse working in a hospital versus working in a private practice:

Hospital: $27,500 – $79,000

Private Practice/Firm: $28,000 – $57,300


These are the top four factors that will impact how much your annual salary as a pediatric nurse will be. This is a profession that can make you very wealthy, but you have to put in a lot of time, effort, and hard work to get to the top. If you are dedicated to a career in the medical profession and love the idea of working with children in this capacity, you will probably do very well as a pediatric nurse. The high salary associated with this industry might be tempting on its own, but in order to achieve that level, you must be extremely passionate about being a pediatric nurse.



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